Share your work! Present at the NAD Conference!

Share your hard work on that research project or your great idea for the betterment of deaf and hard of hearing people! Look no further, submit your proposal for the 2014 Biennial NAD Conference in Atlanta, Georgia on July 1-5, 2014! There is no better place to showcase your work, idea, plan, or project. Come and present to improve society or to promote your work!

The NAD is looking for workshops/presentations under the following topics:

Advancing ASL: Linguistics & Aesthetics
Bilingualism & Education
Civil Rights & Legal Advocacy
Employment & Entrepreneurship
Inclusion & Intersectionality
State & Local Level Advocacy (Legislative & Educational)
Technology – Accessibility & Usability
Additional Areas of Interest
You will be able to share your work and ideas with 2,000 people anticipated to attend. Over half of the people who went to Lousiville, Kentucky in 2012 said they attended the Conference because of the presenters and workshops in the schedule. This is your opportunity!


Instagram photo by NAD1880: Deaf truck drivers share their experiences along
with Larry Minor from the DOT FMSCA at a #NAD12 workshop.

To give you an idea of a few of our exciting past workshops, there were as varied as the following:

Nothing Diverse About Us, Without Us
Donalda Ammons, Glenn Anderson, Elvia Gulliermo, Leah Katz Hernandez, Thuan Nguyen, Benro Ogunyipe and Judy Stout

Current State of Affairs-School Boards and Schools for the Deaf
Philip W. Bravin, Alexis Kashar, Chris Wagner and Sonny Wasilowski

Early Intervention Needs YOUR Involvement
Beth S. Benedict and Leala Holcomb

Employment Panel – Corporate Best Practices Including Accessibility and Accommodations
Seth Bravin (IBM), Luke Faxon-St.Georges (ESPN), Scott Van Nice (P&G), Nathan Kester (Google) & Angie Officer (Sprint)

Truck Driving is About Skills, Not Hearing: Panel Discussion
Dean DeRusso and truck drivers: Bruce Dunn, Brenda Palmigiano, Lon Smith and Van Nelson, Jr.

Google+ Hangouts: Video and Deaf+Hearing Community
Naomi Black and Nathan Kester

United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
Wilma Newhoudt-Druchen, Colin Allen, and the World Federation of the Deaf Board

The 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act and Captioning for Video Programming
Andrew Kirkpatrick, Giovanni Galvez and Ken Harrenstein

Submit your proposal by January 31, 2014, that’s only a few weeks away! Send it in today!