2019 Jr. NAD Discipline Agreement Form

DEADLINE: October 27, 2019

The Discipline Agreement is being used to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all conference participants. All delegates and observers are expected to abide their school rules and regulations, as well as any rules established by the conference host (RSD), the National Association of the Deaf (NAD), and other Conference affiliates and/or staff. In addition, all delegates and observers are expected to adhere the scheduled times for Quiet Time and In Rooms/Lights Out. The use of wireless communication devices is not allowed during any of the conference workshops, events, and activities.

All conference participants are expected to display good manners and appropriate behaviors at all times and exhibit appropriate use of wireless communication devices. All advisors from participating schools are responsible for the supervision and discipline of their students during the entire conference.

Any incident during the conference will be referred to the Conference Committee, the NAD, and the participant’s Chapter Advisor. Consequences include the possibility of being sent home at the parent/guardian’s expense. All signatures are required on this form. Typing my name at the end of this paragraph at the end represents my electronic signature.