Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage Month!

It’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Month! What are you doing to celebrate? NAD Board members, Justin and Laura, share some ideas — join us! #APAHM

NOTE: The NAD does not own, benefit, or use the “Stop Asian Hate” shirt for promotional purposes. Justin and Laura are wearing the “Stop Asian Hate” shirts to promote APAHM and recognize that all microaggression, hate, and other forms of physical/verbal abuse against the AAPI community must stop. The “Stop Asian Hate” shirt was designed by Deaf Asian artists, Christine Sun Kim, Ravi Vasavan, and Meeya Tjiang in collaboration with Staple Pigeon company in an effort to raise funds to combat Asian racism and hate during the pandemic in 2020.


LAURA: Hello, I’m Laura!

JUSTIN: Hello! I’m Justin. It’s May and the NAD wants to recognize and celebrate…

LAURA: We’re celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM)! APAHM is a public celebration that recognizes the contributions that AAPI community have done for culture, history, and achievements in the US.

JUSTIN: First, want to learn some Asian “bing” that may surprise you?

JUSTIN: Putting clean dishes in the dishwasher.

LAURA: “Are you 1.5 generation?” That is such a common question asked in the Asian community. That question means the person wants to know whether you moved here from an Asian country. If not, you’d be 2.0 generation, which meant you were born and raised here. If you ask me, I’m a proud 2.0 generation! JUSTIN: We take our shoes off when we enter our home.

LAURA: Wait, you thought us Asians are good at math? That’s not true. Even though I’m a math teacher, I still learn about math every day!

JUSTIN: You think all Asians are strict with school or at work, and that’s our culture? Nah, I’m chill.

LAURA: “Where are you from? No, where are you really from?” That’s a commonly asked question we get — people want to know our background. You can ask it simply, “Where is your family from?”

JUSTIN: Please follow and support Deaf AAPI content!

LAURA: Also, please share any other Deaf AAPI content that you know! Thank you!