Board Committees

The work of the NAD Board of Directors is supported by its standing, strategic, and ad-hoc committees:

Standing Committees
Development – Julie Rems-Smario, Chair
Finance – Michael Michner, Chair
Governance – Chris Wagner, Chair
Membership – Margie English, Chair
Public Policy – Alexis Kashar, Chair

Public Policy Committees
Bio-Ethics – Patrick Boudreault, Chair
Civil Rights – Suzy Rosen Singleton, Chair
Education – Chris Kurz, Chair
International – Peggy Prosser, Chair
Media – Linda Bove, Chair
Mental Health – John Gournaris, Chair
Technology – Sheila Conlon-Mentkowski, Chair

Strategic Teams
Diversity – Melissa Draganac-Hawk and Kirsten Poston, Co-Chairs
Vision 2020 – John Evans, Chair
Youth – Tawny Holmes, Chair