#JrNAD2017 News Text

Red white, blue text appears on black screen “Welcome to JrNews 2017”

Shows video of Jr. NAD members walking, watching a presentation, and clapping hands.

A female appears on screen, signing: “Hello, welcome to JrNews. My name is Kissandra. I know-”

A male interrupts, “oh sorry, did I interrupt?”

Kissandra: yes, you did

Male: Oh sorry, should I leave?

Kissandra: No, it’s okay. You can take over.

Male: Okay. Fine. Hello my name is Menelik. See this? (Shows the town buildings) The Governor of Nebraska decided to give us, Deaf people, our own town. You may see that there’s no hearing people here because they all left!

We have two different districts. District One and Two. District 1 is called Lephinx. Let’s go over to see District Two.


Menelik walking towards District Two. Menelik: This is District Two, combined of these two buildings. We have not decided on a name yet. Each district has a mayor, sergeant and city council. District One has six and District Two has four. The Governor will decide if they will approve of our town on Saturday. If it is approved, we will establish a town in history!


Another male runs up and comments: Just now, District One Lephinx gained the annex building. The Governor just approved! Next up, we will feature the mayors, sergeants, and city councils.


Shows a video of Lephinx’s town hall meeting.

A female: I’m going to interview Jaykia. How do you as a Mayor?

Jaykia: Being a Mayor is not easy. It is tough to make sure everyone is satisfied and to accommodate to their needs. It is not easy but I enjoy it. This gives me a good experience.

Female: Thank you for your time.


Shows a video of Gantlue

Nevan: Hello my name is Nevan Graves, Mayor of District Two called Gantlue.

Male: I have one question for you. How do you feel as a Mayor of your district?

Nevan: I think it is a great honor. People voted for me. I know what is the best for District Two. It is a great honor. I hope the best for our district town.

Male: Thank you

Nevan: Thank you

Both shake hands.


Text on screen “Wednesday Nov. 8”

Male and female walking outside with text “Jeff Mansfield”

Female: See the large building and the small building. We were able to establish a town here because… thanks to

Male: Jeff Mansfield. We have to thank you for teaching us. We got mapped.


Video shifts

Male and female standing with text “Guest Speaker: Corey Burton”

Female: I am here with Corey Burton. I want to say thank you for coming. We truly enjoyed your presentation about discovering your gifts and finding your gifts.

Video shifts

Female standing with text “Guest Speaker: Beth Benedict”

Female: I want to thank you, Beth Benedict, for coming and presenting about how to argue. We learned a lot from you Thank you.


Text on screen “Thursday, Nov. 9th”

Different images of people walking at Nebraska School for the Deaf.


Video shifts

Female: Hello, this is Madison Scott. I’m a sophomore.

Female: Hello, I’m Kim Bianco-Majeri. I work for the NAD.

Madison: Thank you for coming and presenting. We really enjoyed learning from  you.

Kim: I enjoyed presenting too. I look forward to seeing what our future generation will do. I hope you learned a lot.

Madison: I did!

Kim: Good!

Madison: Thank you.


Video shifts to Old Market with text “Field Trip to Old Market”


Text on screen “City Council Meeting: Deaf School Closed!”

All towners (Jr. NAD members) clamoring in the town hall. Mayor Jayika looks stressed.


Text on screen “Friday, Nov. 10”

Female and male standing with text on screen “Guest Speaker: Jonathan Scherling”

Kissandra: Hello, what’s your name?

Jonathan: My name is Jonathan Scherling

Kissandra: Why did you host this workshop? And are you looking forward to this afternoon?

Jonathan: First of all, yes I am looking forward to this afternoon. I always enjoy meetings. I hosted the workshop about parliamentary procedures because they help our meetings to go smoothly. Everyone has the opportunity to say something, their thoughts and/ or ideas. I want everyone to have a voice.

Kissandra: Thank you.


Video zooms to different screen:

Female and male standing.

Martin: My name is Martin Price

Jayika: What did you discuss during your presentation?

Martin: Smart Goals. How to write your goals in a way that achieves the goal using S M A R T. S- specific, M- measurable, A- attainable, R- realistic or relevant, and T- by when. If all students include SMART, they will have a successful outcome whether they want it to be.

Jayika: Are you looking forward?

Martin: Oh yes. I’m looking foward to the general assembly where you can run the meeting and get the idea. I already can see you becoming one of the leaders for NAD.


Video shifts to crowd watching a speaker through video. Text on screen “Guest Speaker: Brandon Williams”

Text on screen, “Question: what is your advice for us?”

Male on screen signing: Every one of us have human experience where we will go through life and make mistakes. All of us are flawed. Even a priest,  whether who you are, a president or whoever. We will make mistakes. It is a human flaw. I hope that those who make mistakes, learn from their mistakes. To own the mistake and learn from change. Don’t let the mistake or action to let you down and stay down. Because if that happens, you would be stuck. Mistakes don’t forgive by itself. Learn how to forgive others. It may not happen all of sudden. It is a process but learn to trust yourself. Not only to learn your mistakes and to own it, but to improve from it.

Female on screen: Thank you for your time.


Text on screen “General Assembly”

Members using phone to film themselves and people in the room.

Male signing: Here we are at the first general assembly meeting. Look around.


Video shifts:

Menelik: I am here with Annie Kvamme. She won the nomination to go to NAD Conference at Connecticut on July 2-7, 2018. I am going to ask her few questions. How do you feel that you won the nomination?

Text on screen “NAD Conference 2018”

Annie: I am honestly shocked. When I gave my presentation, I just presented by being myself. I did not try to convince members. In result, I got the vote to go. I am shocked but I feel really excited to represent.


Menelik: I am here with Dylan Christoffels. The other person who also won to go to NAD Conference at Connecticut on July 2-7, 2018. I am going to ask him what’s up. How did you feel that you won the nomination?

Dylan: I feel inspired. I can’t wait to represent my school. Jr. NAD conference really inspired me. The conference is close to my home. I enjoy that.


Shows a photo of California School for the Deaf, Riverside, text “Congratulations! Hosted 2021 by CSD Riverside!” A video of all four members signing “Thank you!”


Text on screen “JrNAD Youth Ambassador”

A photo of contestants.

Video of the JrNAD winner announcement

Text on screen “Congratulations Liliana Tapia”


Text on screen “Districts United!”

A female appears on screen: Hello everyone. The two districts finally unite. We named our town: UNICITY. (shows crowd cheering)


Text on screen “Saturday, Nov. 11”

Female: I’m going to interview with Ben Jarashow. How are you doing?

Ben: I’m good.

Female: Good! If a student is oppressed by an approach, what should they do?

Ben: If a student is oppressed, it would be nice if s/he could speak up on the spot. Most of time, they are caught off guard. That isn’t your fault. You may not help it. When you’re shocked, take the time to analyze the situation. Look for a friend to talk about it and exchange ideas and information. Try to approach that person again later with your friends to support. With unity, you would be able to approach the situation better.

Female: Thank you for your time.


Video shifts.

Female: I am interviewing with him. Tell us your name.

Marvin: Marvin Miller.

Female: I will ask you a questions. Do you think that deaf children will learn from your presentation and succeed?

Marvin: Yes. Not from me but from the information from Deafhood. From Patty. She grew up alone in a mainstreamed world and later met a deaf person. From there, she analyzed the purpose of Deafhood. Even myself, an experienced deaf person from a deaf school and deaf family, I was blown away. My life changed. Remember when I tried to establish a signing town? AFter learning Deafhood, I realized we all need to unpack. We all will start feeling light. By packing the rocks inside us, we will be able to soar. Yes, definitely!


Text on screen “Council CIty: Approved!!”

Female signing: see that? (Points to a male in the audience) He is talking about the fact that we will need a new mayor and city council for Unitcity. Wow. We will also need to rewrite the charter.


Shows image of a male, smiling. Text “Congratulations to Ryan for becoming the Mayor!”


Text on screen “Advisors”. Shows a picture of all the advisors.

Text on screen “Interview with JrNAD Members”


Kissandra: I am going to interview you. Tell me your name.

Female: My name is Zahra Chauhan.

Kissandra: How does this impact you in the future?

Zahra: This impacts me because I am learning more about the oppression, the history and about Jr. NAD. We need to motivate others to lead. We need more strong deaf leaders and to be free from oppression.

Kissandra: Thank you for your time


Joshua: My name is Joshua Wojnar. I am from Massachuttes. I am a freshman.

Female: What is your best Jr. NAD memory?

Joshua: My best memory is creating new friends and the experience is rich.


Video shifts

Female: Hello everyone. It is the last day of Jr. NAD. (video shows people sitting in dining hall)


Video shifts

Female: Our last session for Jr. NAD conference. Look (video shifts to the crowd cheering)


Video shifts

Three female and one male saying “hello”

Female: Next Jr. NAD conference in 2019 will be hosted at Rochester. We can’t wait to see you there!


People cheering.


Female: Hello everyone. All week has been so much fun and champ!  

Female: I agree!


People in front of the town in pink shirts with “Unicity Est 2017” sign. Everyone signing thank you.



Lily De Simone

Lara Geary

Derek Forrester

Yosseline Espinoza

Et ha Kpaw Say

Madison Scott

Menelik Tavares

Kissandra Rivera

Jose Mendis

Austin Stage

Nathalia Neuman