Marc P. Charmatz
Senior Attorney

The longest serving staff member, Marc started work at the NAD in 1977. He is renowned throughout the disability community for taking part in several landmark cases and legal actions on behalf of the deaf and hard of hearing community. Charmatz is a graduate of New York University (B.A.) and the Northwestern University School of Law. From 1977 until 2002, he served as the director of the NAD Law and Advocacy Center (LAC). In 2002, Marc stepped down to work as an NAD senior attorney on a part-time basis. He currently is an adjunct professor of Law at the University of Maryland Law School, where he teaches the Civil Rights of Individuals with Disabilities Clinic. Marc answers numerous email and telephone/TTY messages from individuals who have questions about legal issues and provides information to enable deaf and hard of hearing individuals, encouraging them to become advocates on the issues they are concerned about. He sums up his experiences this way: “I truly believe that I have had one of the most interesting public interest careers serving deaf and hard of hearing individuals.” In his free time, Marc collects sports cards – baseball, football, and basketball, and enjoys going to flea markets and yard sales.