Brittany Shrader
Senior Attorney

Brittany is a staff attorney with the NAD. She focuses primarily on civil rights litigation filed on behalf of deaf and hard of hearing individuals to enforce federal antidiscrimination laws including the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act. Prior to joining the NAD, Brittany worked as a senior litigation associate and trial attorney for Eisenberg & Baum, LLP's Law Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing in New York City, where she also concentrated her practice on the protection of rights of deaf and hard of hearing persons under local, state and federal law. Prior to becoming a civil litigator, Brittany was a juvenile delinquency prosecutor for the City of New York. Brittany's experience prosecuting sex crimes and major crimes shaped her into a compassionate advocate with the ability to effectively represent and communicate with individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Brittany holds a B.A. from the University of Virginia where she dual majored in East Asian Studies and Financial Economics and minored in World Religion. She spent summers studying at East China Normal University in Shanghai, China and at Oxford in England. Brittany also holds a J.D. from Hofstra University School of Law with a concentration in Child and Family Advocacy. In addition to English and American Sign Language, Brittany also has proficiency in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. In her free time, Brittany enjoys musicals, traveling and spending quality time with family.