YAP 2020-2022 Agreement


    I hereby acknowledge that:

  • 1. I have read, and I meet and agree to be bound by the Eligibility Requirements;

  • 2. I have answered the previous questions honestly, accurately, and without omission;

  • 3. If any of the above information is found to be false, inaccurate, misleading or incomplete, I understand this will be ground for my dismissal from the Youth Ambassador Program process as well as any other legal or appropriate remedies being pursued by the NAD; and,

  • 4. All decisions by NAD and YAP concerning the selection of the contestants are final and not subject to challenge or appeal.


    I hereby acknowledge that I am expected to:

  • 1. Demonstrate professional behavior and respect with dignified attitude (a) from the beginning of Round One to Round Five of the YAP competition; (b) Retreat; and (c) NAD Conference and Competition;

  • 2. Maintain professional behavior and respect with dignified attitude throughout the reign if I am chosen to be the Youth Ambassador.

  • 3. Represent my sponsorship in an excellent, exceptional, and exemplary fashion;

  • 4. Display an acceptable moral and ethical character; and

  • 5. Comply and obey the laws and rules (i.e., drinking age).


    I herby acknowledge that:

  • 1. I grant Public Relations from National Association of the Deaf (NAD) and Youth Ambassador Program (YAP) the permission to publicize me in any form of publicity (website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and newsletter).

  • 2. I grant the NAD and YAP the permission to take photos and videos of me during the Competition and Conference.

  • 3. I grant the NAD and YAP the permission to document my name in media.

  • 4. I grant the NAD and YAP the permission to interview me for media purposes.

  • 5. I must get an approval from the NAD if I can have the interview or have photos taken from external reporters and photographers from other organization.


    It is mutually agreed upon by and between the NAD and the contestant that the NAD shall have no liability whatsoever to a contestant. The NAD shall have no liability for loss, damage, or injury resulting from any cause to the property of or to the contestant, or for any lost profits, sales, or business opportunities, or any other type of direct or indirect or consequential damages. It is further understood and agreed that all claims against the NAD for any such damage, loss, or personal injury are expressly waived by the contestant and assumed as the contestant’s responsibility. Should the contestant nevertheless take legal action for any reason, the contestant agrees to pursue such legal remedies in the State of Maryland only. The contestant agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the NAD, its agents, officers, and employees, from all claims, actions, and suits, including court costs, attorney’s fees and other expenses, arising out of the negligent acts or omissions of the contestant. By signing my name, I am stating that I understand and promise to abide the eligibility rules, criteria for selection, and additional requirements in this document.

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