#JrNAD2019 FAQs

#JrNAD2019 Theme “Perspective, Empathize, and Influence”


Q: What is the conference theme?

A: The conference theme is: “Perspective, Empathize, and Influence”

Q: How much is the total fee per person?

A: It is $300 for a delegate/ observer and $350 for an advisor. The pre-conference fee is $50- which will be deducted from the total fee.

Q: When do I arrive on November 6th?

A: Please plan to arrive before dinner time. We will provide dinner at Rochester School for the Deaf and have a kick-off event in the evening!

Q: How do I get from the airport to RSD/ Rochester Riverside Hotel?

A: Transportation will be provided. We will share more information as time comes closer.

Q: Does the conference fee include meals?

A: Yes, the conference fee includes: dinner on the 6th; breakfast, lunch, and dinner on 7th – 9th; and breakfast on the 10th, depending on the time you depart.  

Q: What time do we depart on November 10th?

A: You can depart as early as you need to. We will provide transportation to the airport, timing based on everyone’s flight as soon as we receive the travel forms.

Q: Why does the conference fee cost more for the advisors than the delegates/observers?

A: There will be two per advisor in one room (separate beds for each). There will be four students per room.

Q: What’s the difference between Delegate  and Observer?

A: The main difference is during the general meeting – delegates will have the opportunity to share opinions and vote on motions. Observers can only observe the meeting.


Q: Will there be an art competition?

A: Yes! We are having a Diversity exhibition/ fundraiser at the RIT/NTID Dyer Arts Center. We want deaf and hard of hearing artists (must be under 22 years old and a Jr. NAD member) to participate and submit their 6×6 artwork. Please see more information under the “Art Exhibition” tab.

Q: I can’t make to the Jr. NAD Conference. Can I still participate in the Art Exhibition?

A: Yes, we welcome your artwork as long as you meet the criteria. Please see the details under “Art Exhibition” tab.


Q: What are the Special Projects?

A: There are four special projects:

  1. Jr. NAD Ambassador Competition – Participants will pitch about a social issue and give a three-minute presentation on a social issue that is important to them. An individual will win the title as the “Jr. NAD Ambassador 2019 – 2021”!
  2. George W. Veditz Video Project – Participants will film and edit creative videos at the conference to be shared with the public.
  3. ASL Entertainment – Participants will let their inner light shine through various skits. The performances will be done at either the Jr. NAD Ambassador Competition or banquet night.
  4. Frederick C. Schreiber Roundtable/ Action Plan – Participants will discuss how to improve Jr. NAD as a whole. They will discuss on what motions needs to be discussed at the general meeting. We encourage delegates to participate.

Please see more details under “Special Projects” tab.

Q: Do I need to sign up?

A: Yes, all Delegates and Observers are required to sign up. Each school’s delegates and observers must sign up for different projects. I.e. if your school sends four students – they should sign up for different projects.

Have more questions? Please contact [email protected].