Youth Ambassador Program

The NAD Youth Ambassador Program (YAP) is a competition for deaf and hard of hearing youth ages 18 to 30 within the deaf community currently residing in the United States. Contestants will compete against each other to determine who will be the next NAD Youth Ambassador. The Youth Ambassador will work with the NAD to implement a strategic plan that addresses a social issue(s) or a new business idea or business start up within the deaf community identified by the individuals during the competition. Moreover, the Ambassador will represent the NAD at presentations, workshops, the Youth Leadership Camp (YLC), and other events within the deaf community.

About the Competition

There are five (5) rounds in the competition. Each round has its own set of rules and instructions. The first two rounds (rounds 1 and 2) will occur prior to the biennial NAD Conference. The last three rounds (rounds 3, 4, and 5) will occur during the Conference. The activities in each round are subject to change biannually, promoting creative integrity of the competition.

Mission:  Transform aspiring young deaf and hard of hearing leaders to be innovative advocates through a collaborative community-based competition.

Vision:  Achieve civic engagement and social responsibility among young deaf and hard of hearing contestants through an emphasis on visibility, innovation, and sustainability.

About the Winner

The winner of the competition will become our Youth Ambassador and be awarded $8,000 stipend! During the two-year term, the Youth Ambassador will:

  • Serve as a liaison between the YAP and the NAD
  • Commit to 24 hours of volunteer service every three months
  • Attend and participate in NAD events (i.e. Jr. NAD National Conference, NAD Leadership Training Conference, Youth Leadership Camp) and other events
  • Participate in interviews
  • Provide workshops and presentations
  • Provide written reports and/or video updates to the community
  • Continue to work on their platform project