Youth Ambassador Program Name Survey

During the 2012 NAD Conference last summer, the NAD unveiled a new program which has been tentatively named the NAD Youth Ambassador Program (NYAP). At the 40th anniversary of the Miss Deaf America Competition, we bid our farewells to the pageant for young women. As the last Miss Deaf America Ambassador, Chanel Gleicher is still performing her duties until the next NAD Conference. We are all very excited to get started with the new program!

The new program format will showcase young deaf and hard of hearing female and male Americans who vie to become the NAD ambassadors. The new program will be a competition for all deaf and hard of hearing youth, between the ages of 18 to 30, currently residing in the United States. Contestants will compete against each other through five rounds, prior to and during the NAD Conference. Two selected youth ambassadors will work with the NAD to implement a strategic plan that addresses a social issue identified by the contestants during the competition. Moreover, the ambassadors will represent the NAD at various presentations, workshops, the Youth Leadership Camp (YLC), and other events within the deaf community. The new competition will debut at the 2014 NAD Conference in Atlanta, Georgia!

The NYAP committee has a one-question survey for the deaf and hard of hearing community — this is where you come in! We are seeking a new permanent name to replace the temporary name.

This survey will end on Monday, March 11th. Thank you!