Organizational Affiliates

Organizational affiliates are independent nonprofit, governmental, and corporate organizations in their own right. The list below are current organizational affiliate members of the NAD, in good standing. The list of State Associations can be found here.

Organization Head of Organization
A Foreign Language Service William Peters, Contact Person
Abused Deaf Women’s Advocacy Services (ADWAS) Libby Stanley, Executive Director
Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind John Mascia, President
Alaska State School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Ann Curry, Principal
American Sign Language Teachers Association (ASLTA) Janice Smith-Warshaw, President
Bureau of Family Health Deidra Smoot
Central Piedmont Community College Interpreter Education Program Rebecca White
Columbia College Chicago ASL Department Peter Cook, Chair
Comcast Corporation Bret Perkins, Vice-President and Susan Jin Davis, Vice-President
Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD) Chris Soukup, Chief Executive Officer
Community Outreach Program for the Deaf (COPD) Anne Levy, Executive Director
Conference of Educational Administrators of Schools and Programs for the Deaf (CEASD) Barbara Raimondo, Executive Director
DawnSignPress Joe Dannis, President
Deaf Access Solutions Karl Kosiorek
Deaf Bible Society Philippe Gallant, Director of Technology
Deaf Community Services of San Diego Patricia Sieglen-Perry
Deaf Counseling Advocacy and Referral Agency (DCARA) Raymond Rodgers, Executive Director
Deaf Seniors of America (DSA) Nancy Rarus, President
DEAF, Inc. (Deaf Empowerment Awareness Foundation, Inc.) Ernest Garrett III, Executive Director
Disability and Communication Access Board (DCAB) Francine Wai, Executive Director
Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind Jeanne Prickett, President
Georgia Interpreting Services Network  
Indiana School for the Deaf (ISD) David Geeslin, CEO/Superintendent
Jacksonville Community Center for the Deaf (JCCD) Deloris DeAnn Summers, President
JPMorgan Chase & Co. Rodney Hood
Long Island Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf Sandra Blum, President
Louisiana Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf Justin Alexie, President
Maryland Relay Brenda Kelly-Frey, Director
Mid-Atlantic Interpreting Group, Inc. Gina D’Amore, President
Minnesota State Academies Terry Wilding, Superintendent
Missouri Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Opeoluwa Sotonwa, Executive Director
National Asian Deaf Congress Jennifer Cho
National Association of Interpreters in Education Susan Brown, President
National Verbatim Reporters Association Kelly Evans
New Mexico Commission for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Lori Neubawer
Northeastern University American Sign Language Program Cayle O’Brien, Staff Interpreter
Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Washington Deborah O’Willow
Pennsylvania School for the Deaf Peter L. Bailey, Head of School
Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf Anna Witter-Merithew, Interim Executive Director
Rochester School for the Deaf Antony McLechtie, Superintendent
Rhode Island Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Steven A. Florio, Executive Director
Sally J. Pimentel Deaf and Hard of Hearing Center  
Sign Language Network, Inc. Andrea Reeves, President/Owner
Sign Language Resources, Inc. Mary MacLean
Sinclair Community College, EDU Lab Phyllis Adams, Chair/Professor ASLID
St. Mary’s School for the Deaf Timothy M. Kelly, Superintendent
Ultratec, Inc. Pamela Holmes, Director Consumer and Regulatory Affairs
Virginia Department for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Eric Raff, Deputy Director
Willie Ross School for the Deaf Robert W. Carter, President
ZVRS/Purple Dawnmarie Caggiano, Senior Marketing Director