Policy Institute

Mission: Established in 2018, the NAD Policy Institute aims to develop and promote best practices and policy statements regarding communication access across a variety of categories. As part of this mission, the Policy Institute will, for example, identify the status of accessibility in specific categories using ranking procedures and publicly share the rankings. The rankings can be used as a starting point for organizations and the NAD to collaborate on what is needed to improve accessibility for deaf and hard of hearing Americans.

The Policy Institute has three goals:

  1. Bring social change across a variety of categories to become accessible to deaf and hard of hearing;
  2. Understand best practices for communication access across a variety of categories and develop position statements outlining best practices;
  3. Recognize and reward accessibility leaders in ensuring communication access for the deaf and hard of hearing.

COVID-19 Related Position Statements

COVID-19 Related Advocacy Letters 

Coming soon: Additional planned COVID-19 Related Position Statements/Advocacy Letters

  • Courtroom
  • Early intervention 
  • K-12 Education
  • Higher Education (Colleges & Universities)
  • Workplace