The Public Policy Committee, chaired by Alexis Kashar, is comprised of the chairs of each Expert Group as follows:

  • Bioethics Expert Group Chair — Teresa Blankmeyer Burke (DC)
  • Civil Rights Expert Group
    ** Child and Family Services Sub-Committee — Allison Schlesinger (CO)
  • Education Expert Group Chair — Sean Virnig (CA)
  • International Expert Group Chair — Davin Searls (NY)
  • Media Expert Group Chair — Linda Bove (AZ)
  • Mental Health Expert Group Chair — John Gournaris (MN)
  • Technology Expert Group Chair — Sheila Conlon Mentkowski (CA)

Board Liaisons — Kirsten Poston and David Reynolds

Staff Liaisons — Andrew Phillips, Debra Patkin, and Caroline Jackson

Ex-Officio as Board Chair — Christopher Wagner

Ex-Officio as CEO — Howard Rosenblum