How to File a Complaint

Have you ever experienced discrimination because you are a deaf or hard of hearing person? The NAD strongly encourages you to file a complaint so that you may be able to resolve the problem as well as raise awareness. The first step is to identify who discriminated against you and where the discrimination happened. This information will determine where you should file a complaint.

See the list of links below and select which one applies to your situation for information on what law applies and how to file a complaint. This section does not cover all possible situations. You may have additional rights under federal and state law.

Filing a complaint requires you to tell a story about what happened. Most times, a complaint is your writing a letter that explains the story. Some agencies have complaint forms. Your complaint may include a copy of any documents that show what happened, such as e-mail communications, letters, notes, pictures faxes, and video recordings. If you need help writing or filing your complaint, you can contact the agency that handles your kind of complaint.

The NAD has put together some information about various kinds of discrimination that deaf and hard of hearing people may experience. This information is also available in video. Please click on one of the links to see the information in both ASL and English. In addition, please let NAD know when you file a complaint and if you want to pursue further legal action, contact the NAD’s Law and Advocacy Center by this contact page.