Golden Hand Award

Qualifications for Nominations of the Golden Hand Award:

The following criteria may be shared with the individual(s) or group(s) who wish to recognize the person or organization for its contribution in your state. Nominations should be made on the basis of the following:

  • Any individual or organization being nominated must be considered as a volunteer (receives no pay).
  • Individuals or groups who are paid for activities for which they are nominated do not qualify. Programs under the auspices of organizations with paid staff may be nominated, but the extent of salaried activities must be clearly indicated in the nomination statement.
  • Volunteer activities must be performed within the state or local community.

Guidelines for Nominations of the Golden Hand Award:

The following guidelines are suggested to facilitate the State Association’s Golden Hand Award Screening Committee in soliciting nominations for the Golden Hand Award.

  • All nominations must be completed when submitted to the State Association Screening Committee; separate letters and other documents received later will not be processed.
  • Pertinent supplementary material may be submitted but not more than ten (10) pages. No larger documents (pamphlets, clippings, etc.) than 8½x11 inches shall be accepted. Material submitted may be used for publication by the State Association. Do not submit scrapbooks, films, tapes or cassettes.
  • The State Association Screening Committee may request additional information from the nominee for the committee’s consideration.
  • Decisions of the State Association Screening Committee are final.
  • All entries and manuscripts become the property of the State Association and will not be returned.
  • All approved nominations must be submitted online using the form below, if you have any concerns — email [email protected].
  • Complete this form at least 30 days prior to your conference.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Describe the major voluntary contributions of this individual or program. Explain the impact on the community and those being served. Include unusual circumstances or difficulties this person/program had to overcome. Some ideas to include in your explanation: major contributions of this person/program to the community or organization; unusual difficulties or circumstances this person/program had to overcome. The nomination should focus in detain on a sustained activity or program in one area of service rather than outlining many and varied activities.