#NAD2014 Conference Theme In ASL!

Note: video description and transcript can be found below].
Why is the NAD’s Conference theme in ASL?  What do the three signs mean?  Learn all about it in this short video with MJ Bienvenu!
Video description and transcript:
Video begins with the NAD Conference Theme in American Sign Language (ASL).
Video dissolves to white then to MJ Bienvenu standing in the NAD Headquarter’s lobby.
MJ:  Did you see that video intro?  Yes, we are so excited about a ‘first’ for this conference because it is the first time that our theme is in American Sign Language, consisting of three concepts. The first sign shows the concept of signing, which represents our communication with one another, our love for signed languages, and our goal of linguistic rights and equality. The second concept shows “coming together” as in a representation of community, unity, and working together for common goals. The third and final concept is “action” or “doing.” When combined with the first two concepts, this third one can be viewed as group activity, promoting our linguistic rights. So, there you have it.  — [Signs NAD Conference Theme in ASL] —  That’s our theme!
Video fades to the same NAD logo in green and peach before transitioning to the NAD logo in red and blue. Black text below the logo appears, “A production of The National Association of the Deaf (copyright) 2014 All rights reserved.”