President Updates | November 2022

President Jenny shares some gratitude this month, gives an update regarding the NAD’s efforts towards Deaf Education, and clarifies the NAD’s involvement regarding a patent concern.

[VIDEO DESC & TRANSCRIPT: President Jenny Buechner is standing in the front of a black backdrop.

JENNY: Hello! For November’s video, I wanted to share some gratitude. First, my gratitude goes to you, the community, for your support. I also want to thank the NAD Board, Team, volunteers, and committees for their dedication to change. The NAD works on many issues, today I will update you on Deaf Education. Our efforts for Deaf Education shows up in many different ways. The NAD’s Education Policy team works closely with State Associations and local communities. When something comes up, we’re available to provide support and ask them what they need to figure out their next steps. To help them make solid decisions, we provide our support behind the scenes. The key is working with local communities because they know what they need and what’s best for their schools and programs. The NAD also seeks to have an Education Advocate (EA) available in all 50 states. Each EA is our watchdog to monitor any trending concerns and when appropriate, the EA will share resources and connect folks with the NAD. The EAs also work closely with the State Associations to figure out best next steps when addressing any Deaf Education related issues. The NAD Education Policy team also works with the US Department of Education; specifically when there are any possible new policies that impact deaf children. Deaf children’s education is an important issue for us at the NAD and you. Deaf children are our future! Thank you for your commitment and support towards Deaf Education! The NAD is aware of the community concerns regarding a patent issue between two deaf owned businesses. The NAD wants to clarify that no one from those two companies work for the NAD. The NAD does not support one business over the other. As a reminder, the NAD focuses on preserving, promoting, and protecting the civil, human, and linguistic rights of deaf people — we pay attention to any situations where our rights are not equivalent to hearing people. Our efforts goes towards policy and advocacy. The NAD is not able to get involved in the patent issue between both companies because it does not align with our mission. We hope the community and both businesses arrive at an agreed resolution so we all can move forward.]