NAD Responds to WFD 2027 Host Country Selection

From Jeju, Korea at the XIX World Congress of the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD), President Jenny Buechner and CEO Howard A. Rosenblum report on the WFD process for selecting the country host for the next World Congress in 2027. 

The NAD represents the US as delegates at the General Assembly which occurs during the WFD’s World Congress held every four years. WFD has held the World Congress every four years since Italy in 1951. Delegates representing different countries gather at the General Assembly where WFD shares their priorities, reports on their actions, and conducts elections for WFD Officers and host country selection for the next World Congress. 

This year, three countries submitted a bid to host the next World Congress in 2027: Nigeria, Norway, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). However, there has been an uproar from delegates and non-delegates all over the world due to the UAE having laws that do not permit the discussion of LGBTQIA2S+ topics in general, which would apply to the World Congress. The NAD, representing the US, is asking WFD what their plans are to ensure the safety and protection of LGBTQIA2S+ attendees at the next World Congress in 2027.