Fair Housing Video transcript and description

Fair Housing Rights in Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities

[The video opens with a pitch black background with several lines of white text. Starting from the top: 

“A Home For Henry” followed by three lines of smaller texts that reads: 

“Fair Housing Rights of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities”.]


[The screen fades into another setup showing an older gentleman, with white and thinning hair, wearing navy blue polo shirt and khakis. He is sitting on a plush chair that has been placed outside on the grass near a brick pathway. Spouting along the pathway, there are bushes, flowers and trees that decorate this small campus.]


[The scene showing Henry seated fades into indoors where a nursing home representative named Donna, while smiling and heartily greeting incoming guests, walks from across the lobby towards the camera. She has her smooth dark hair pulled up and is wearing dark blue dress jacket along with a white dress shirt and blue skirt. In the lobby, there is a stone-themed fireplace to the left and a kitchen to the right.]

[As Donna greets Henry, the camera turns to Henry who is wearing green polo shirt and takes a little bow. The camera cuts back to Donna then to Henry’s companion. The slightly smiling companion has long, light, brunette hair and is wearing eyeglasses along with a light grey outfit.]


[The scene fades into a plain blue backdrop. The following text appear on-screen starting from the top: 

“Under the Fair Housing Act” followed by smaller text with two sections:

“A. You cannot be denied admission in nursing homes and assisted living facilities because of a disability, such as being Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

B. ASL Interpreters and other auxiliary aids and services must be provided when necessary to facilitate effective communications.”]


[The scene fades back into the lobby where Henry is now seated in front of the fireplace, next to his daughter, Jan and the nursing home representative.]


[The scene fades into a plain blue backdrop. The following text appear on-screen starting from the top: 

“A COMMUNICATION PLAN IS:” followed by smaller text and set up as bullet points: “Collaborative, Comprehensive, Accessible and Open to Revision.”]


[Scene cuts back to the nursing home lobby.]


[Scene cuts to an older male doctor who is seated across Henry. They are in a doctor’s office where there are pictures, binders and notebooks on tables and shelves around the room. The doctor has short, white hair and is wearing eyeglasses along with his white coat over a white dress shirt and golden tie. Also, across Henry, but standing behind the doctor is a female sign language interpreter who has her hair pulled back and is also wearing eyeglasses along with a one piece teal short sleeved outfit.]


[Henry responds with a look of surprise then relief.]

[Scene fades back to Henry’s conversation in the lobby.]


[Scene fades to a younger female nursing home employee in her scrubs. She has her long brown hair pulled back into a ponytail. She is seated and speaking verbally to Henry while holding an iPad showing a male sign language interpreter translating for the nurse.]


[The scene quickly cuts to Henry nodding then back to the nursing home lobby.]


[The scene fades into a shot of the female staff in scrubs writing something on her whiteboard. She motions for Henry to pause as he walks by. The female staff holds up the white board and reveals what she wrote in red marker: “Medication Time” along with a smiley face.]


[Henry nods and the scene fades back into the lobby.]


[Scene fades to a shot of an iPad being held up by Henry. On the iPad, a woman with a smile on her face is using sign language. With medium length brown hair and eyeglasses, she is wearing a multicolored floral dress.]


[Scene fades back to the lobby.]


[The scene fades from the lobby into the inside of a dining area. Another female, with her hair pulled back into a bun and wearing a dark top, is standing up in front of a small audience giving a lecture. Placed in front of her on a table are several fruits and vegetables.]

[Camera cuts to the front of Henry who is watching an iPad set up to caption the female lecturer. Henry is listening intently to the lecture.]


[Scene fades back to the lobby.]


[Scene fades into an art & craft themed classroom. Henry is seated at a table next to other males. They are working on art projects.]

[Henry is handed a piece of paper by the instructor and Henry signs “Thank you”.]

[Scene cuts to a view of what was written on the piece of paper. 

It reads:

“TODAY’S LESSON: Abstract Art!”

“1. Choose 4 colors to use (plus black if you want).”

“2. Create a drawing using only circles, squares, and triangles. (You can use all 3 shapes or only 1 or 2 shapes, up to you!)”

“3. Color it in using your 4 colors.”

“4. Most Important: Have fun & be creative!”]


[Scene cuts back to the lobby.]


[Scene fades into a shot of Henry sitting in a dark room along with several other people who appear to be watching a movie. Henry repeatedly turns to the lady seated next to him while holding a bucket of popcorn. The lady seems oblivious to Henry gleefully  grabbing as much popcorn as he can.]


[Scene cuts back to the lobby.]


[The camera shows Henry who is chuckling and the scene fades back to Henry, now wearing his navy blue polo shirt, seated outside on the grass near the brick pathway.]


[The scene fades into a plain blue backdrop. The following text appear on-screen starting from the top: 

“If you feel that you are being denied your fair housing rights or are receiving unequal treatment, please contact the Fair Housing Justice Center or your local fair housing organization.”]

[The screen fades into a white backdrop and a logo appears representing the following:

“FHJC: Fair Housing Justice Center” 

The logo consists of three houses placed in a ‘V’ formation. The houses on the outside are green while the middle house is blue. Inside each houses are outlines of children, parents, a person on a wheelchairs and a family.

At the bottom of the screen, the additional text reads: 

“www.fairhousingjustice.org” and “(212) 400-8201”]

[Additional text are shown in successive pattern]

“Special Thanks to… 

The National Association of the Deaf, 

The Holley Institute and Eisenberg & Baum, LLP


Roman Imielowski as Henry

Tamara Wright as Donna

Michelle Osterhout as Jan

Dr. Rice as Doctor

Katherine Garcia as Nurse

Yakata Nichols as Interpreter

Kathy Derderian as Friend on Videophone

Caitlin Mroz as Nutritionist

John Harvey as VRI Interpreter


James Allen

Monica Imielowski

Donald Mathis”

Produced by DPAN Productions

Filmed and Edited by Adrean Mangiardi

Production Assistant Nathan Qualls

Special Thanks to

Ardis Gardella

Debbie Mitre Smith

Lexi Craig

Maryann Muller

Father Mike”


[The screen fades into a white backdrop showing the logo representing the FHJC: Fair Housing Justice Center. The video concludes.]