#NADHandwave: August 2014

hugh farquhar

The NAD introduces Hugh Farquhar as this month’s #NADHandwave recipient! He’s well known for his many years spent on a small island in Connecticut, as an archery instructor before eventually becoming the Director of Camp Isola Bella.

Hugh was born in Montreal, Canada and enrolled into the American School for the Deaf (ASD) in 1955 then eventually graduated in 1960. Ten years later, he started working at ASD and through that path, he ended up being the Director of Camp Isola Bella. He’s well known for his archery knowledge and to this day, he continues to mentor and train Isola Bella staff and campers with archery instruction. In addition to having been the Assistant Director and Director at Isola Bella, Hugh has worn many different hats during his tenure at ASD, as a classroom teacher, archery instructor, machine shop teacher, and even as a per diem specialist!

He is always quick to assist in any way he can, even though he is no longer a staff member at ASD. He has volunteered many hours for the community that need his media expertise, archery knowledge, or his two cents on how to deal with a situation. During his free time, he enjoys golfing. Hugh is a true gentleman with a warm personality.

The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) gives monthly #NADHandwaves to people in our community. This is great opportunity for the NAD to recognize people who do the work they do. With such great people, the world continues to move. If you know someone who you’d like to nominate for a #NADHandwave, you can submit your suggestion online!

Thank you, Hugh, for continuing to give your heart and soul to Isola Bella. We appreciate your dedication and we’re grateful for your commitment. You have set an example of what it takes to be great community member. Congratulations on receiving this month’s #NADHandwave!