#NADHandwave: March 2015

In honor of Women’s History Month, the NAD is excited to recognize Janice Rosen as a recipient for this month’s #NADhandwave!  Janice Rosen is the Deaf Services Librarian in the Center for Accessibility at the DC Public Library, and has been since 1993.  Not only has she ensured access at the library for nearly the entire effective period of the Americans with Disabilities Act, but she has also been a wealth of information for the deaf and hard of hearing community by sharing postings about community and library events.

Before becoming a librarian, Janice worked part-time as coordinator of the Literacy for the Deaf Project at the DC Public Library (1990-1993) and tutored English at the Reading Center in George Washington University (1988-1990).  Prior to tutoring English, she also taught English at Gallaudet University for eight years.

Janice graduated from Gallaudet University in 1975 with a BA in Psychology.  She actually holds three Master’s Degrees: MA in Education from Western Maryland (now McDaniel) College, Westminster; MA in English Literature from George Washington University; and an MA in Library Science from Catholic University.

Janice’s professional library activities include the American Library Association and Public Association membership since 1992.  She has served a number of leadership positions within the ALA, including Vice Chair, and Chair, Library Services to Hard of Hearing/Deaf Forum from 2004 to 2011; board member of the Ethnic and Multicultural Information Exchange Roundtable from 2007-2010; and the Americans with Disabilities Act Assembly representing the Ethnic and Multicultural Information Exchange Roundtable from 2003-2005.

Janice’s activities in the deaf and hard of hearing community include board membership of Quest Visual Theatre since 2009; board membership of Deaf-Reach (formerly known as the National Health Care Foundation for the Deaf) from 1999-2005; Secretary of the Washington Society of Jewish Deaf (WSJD) from 1995-2011; and Secretary of the Jewish Deaf Congress from 2012-2013.  She is also a founding member of the Association of Adult Musicians with Hearing Loss (2001) and has served as Treasurer since 2003.

Janice enjoys playing the piano, clarinet, and singing as a hobby.  Currently, Janice is taking lessons at the International School of Music, a community music school in Bethesda, MD.

Janice, the NAD thanks you for being a pioneer in your own right.  With over 20 years in the library field, your steadfast commitment to the deaf and hard of hearing community as a librarian and your dedication in ensuring sharing of information and library access is a great example for many.

The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) gives monthly #NADHandwaves to people in our community. This is great opportunity for the NAD to recognize exemplary people who do the work they do. With such great people, the world continues to move. If you know someone who deserves a #NADHandwave, submit your suggestion online!


The NAD was established in 1880 by deaf leaders who believed in the right of the American deaf community to use sign language, to congregate on issues important to them, and to have its interests represented at the national level. As a nonprofit federation, the mission of the NAD is to preserve, protect, and promote the civil, human, and linguistic rights of deaf and hard of hearing people in the United States. The advocacy scope of the NAD is broad, covering the breadth of a lifetime and impacting future generations in the areas of early intervention, education, employment, health care, technology, telecommunications, youth leadership, and more.