Letter Template for Governor Cuomo

The Honorable Andrew Cuomo
Governor of New York State
NYS Capitol Building
Albany, NY  12224

[email protected]


Dear Governor Cuomo,

I am a Deaf person whose primary language is American Sign Language (ASL). Before May 13, 2019, I was not able to understand your press conferences about COVID-19 on television because there was no ASL interpreter provided on screen. Now that your televised press conferences include ASL interpreters, I have started watching them. However, it is very difficult to watch the interpreter on your televised press conferences.  The interpreter was on the side within a frame that was too small for me to see. The frame around the interpreter was also too tight, resulting in some signs to be cut off or unclear. 

Thank you for providing the ASL interpreter during your televised press conferences. I ask that you ensure that the frame for the ASL interpreter is of equal size to you at all times during such television broadcasts, and that the frame have space around the interpreter so that the interpreter’s signs are visible at all times. Giving the interpreter a full sized frame will assure the visibility of the interpreter whether you use graphics or not. 

Failing to make this information available in clear and visible ASL means that deaf and hard of hearing people are not getting the same important information about health and safety.  Like everyone else, I am concerned about this outbreak but often am the last to know or have no access.

Thank you,


CC: [email protected]