Support the ‘Signing Is Language’ Act

The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) asks for your organization’s support for the ‘Signing is Language’ Act, H.R. 5483, sponsored by U.S. Representative Rick Larsen, (WA-02).  

The ‘Signing is Language’ Act expands the definition of “English learner” to include an individual whose native language is sign language. This change to the Every Student Succeeds Act ensures these students are counted as English learners for determining the appropriate level of federal funding for state English language programs. This bill was originally introduced in 2017 and with key updates that benefit all deaf and hard of hearing children, has the National Association of the Deaf’s support in the current legislative session.

Find your Congressional Representatives and call them or send them an email encouraging them to support the bill! 

I live in (CITY, STATE), and I am asking you to support H.R. 5483, “Signing is Language”, because it is important to support deaf and hard of hearing children by recognizing their sign languages and supporting them in developing English skills in school. (ADD OTHER REASONS IF YOU WOULD LIKE, HERE). 
Thank you,