Youth Ambassador

tanea-suit-2Tanea Brown

Tanea was born and raised in Wilson, North Carolina before moving to Maryland. Tanea recently graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) with A.A.S. in Administrative Support Technology. She holds a Cum Laude within the field. While at RIT, she served several roles such as working as a Resident Advisor (RA) for two years, overseeing Ebony Club as its vice president, and being a member of some organizations. In addition, she worked in many different departments such as Dining Services, NTID Pre-College Outreach department, NTID Professional Development department, Hale-Andrew Student Life Center, and Student Life Team. Under the Department of Access Services at RIT/NTID, Tanea was an ASL consultant. As a consultant, she found her spark regarding conversations on interpreters. It was when she realized her passion in promoting an increased number of POC interpreters nation-wide. Tanea strives to create a support system between POC interpreters and the Deaf community. In her spare time, Tanea enjoys spending time with her friends doing yoga, meditation, and different kind of workouts. Currently, she resides in Rochester, N.Y.

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History of the Program:  From Miss Deaf America Ambassador Program (MDAAP) to Youth Ambassador Program (YAP)

During the 2012 NAD Conference, we witnessed a moment in history — the last Miss Deaf America Ambassador Competition. After forty years, in the fall of 2012, we have unveiled a new and modern program. The new program will not be a pageant. The new program, Youth Ambassador Program, will showcase young deaf and hard of hearing female and male Americans who vie to become NAD youth ambassadors.