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#NADYLC2019: July 17 – August 11, 2020

The NAD Youth Leadership Camp (YLC) is an intensive educational four-week summer program for deaf and hard of hearing high school students. The camp provides leaders the ability to develop their scholarship, leadership, and citizenship (SLC) qualities in nature environment. Leaders experience self-discovery, learn about self-identity, confidence, and self-esteem and understand many things about themselves. NAD YLC is also an extension of the activities and training offered by the Jr. NAD.

The NAD selects 64 leaders from all over the United States and internationally. The leaders receive donations to cover their application and tuition fees and travel expenses. Community and business members, including NAD YLC alumni, team builders, and guest presenters, are actively involved in this program. Each of them makes a lasting impact on the program.

The YLC program is designed to provide deaf high school students with the training and educational opportunities necessary to transition to opportunities in higher education, meaningful employment, and leadership development. Our daily seminar/workshop topics include (not limited to): self-advocacy, peer mentoring, communication, media, career exploration, personal discovery, leadership development, and solidarity.

Interactive activities offer leaders the opportunity to understand the emphasis on ‘learning by doing,’ adopting the old Chinese proverb: “Tell me, and I’ll forget. Show me, and I’ll remember. Involve me, and I’ll learn.” This dynamic program builds character, positive interpersonal skills, conflict resolution development, encourage informed decision-making skills and promotes a lifetime of healthy activities and relationships with others.

This highly popular program has graduated over 3,000 alumni in its 50 years of existence. This, in turn, contributes to a network of successful alumni. Many of these alumni have become successful leaders and advocates for the deaf and hard of hearing community, including businessmen and women, teachers, professors, lawyers, doctors, NAD board members, and employees. NAD YLC is a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity.