Public Deaf Interpreters Directory


Are you a deaf interpreter who can provide ASL translation, either live or recorded? Whether it’s for an emergency press briefing or a work meeting, we know people are looking for YOU to provide access. The NAD and National Deaf Interpreters (NDI) partnered together to address this critical gap of ensuring the public can easily access a directory with this information. 


Howard: Different companies and organizations often contact us and ask who can: provide ASL translation for their English content, be available to interpret an emergency press briefing, or do remote interpreting with appropriate video equipment at home. We’ve received many inquiries asking similar questions like these. This is not our area of expertise, and we want to support deaf interpreters. We are collaborating with National Deaf Interpreters (NDI) to develop this critical resource. We need a public listing of experts who are available and ready with appropriate equipment at home.

AMY: This survey is for deaf interpreters, of all backgrounds, to fill out. Anyone who fills this out will be listed on a public directory for anyone to explore. We encourage you to be listed so that companies, organizations, and state/local governments can hire you to provide effective communication access.

HOWARD: So, if you are a deaf interpreter and you’re interested in being listed, please fill the form out with your information and it’ll automatically be listed in the public directory. The NAD or NDI will not screen any entries. Thank you!