President Updates | August 2022

President Jenny invites #NAD2022 attendees to fill out the conference survey, gives an update on the new Board appointments, discusses the list of committees that need members like you to join, and explains about the joint Board and Team retreat the NAD will host later this Fall.

JENNY: Hello! Time flies! I can’t believe it’s already time for my next monthly video. Its been a busy month, we are getting ready for a few things as well as wrapping up several things. We are wrapping up feedback from the 2022 Biennial NAD Conference in Orlando, Florida. We’ve been meeting people to discuss what worked and what we need to improve on. Your feedback is critical. If you went to the conference, please be sure to fill out the feedback survey as it will help us evaluate what worked well so we can continue doing that as well as identifying what areas we need to improve. Your feedback will help us evaluate our future conferences to be a better experience for everyone. As the Board President entering this new term, I’m tasked with making four appointments to the Board. I’m still in the search process. I’m in awe of the many wonderful candidates that I have met during this process. I’ve been interviewing fantastic leaders from all over the country, who have the skills and experience to contribute to the NAD Board. It’s hard to decide! I’m still finalizing appointments but I will announce the new Board members when I’m done. Currently, we have a list of committees that need people with experience, knowledge, and skills to join. We have committees that focus on each of the priorities that I mentioned in my last video last month, as well as other committees that are ongoing. If you’re interested in joining a committee, contact us! Someone from the NAD Board will reach out to you to discuss how you can contribute to the NAD. Typically, after the NAD Conference, we have a NAD Board retreat in the fall. This year, we will host a joint retreat with the NAD Board and Staff. The retreat will allow us time to work together and develop strategies to accomplish goals together during the next two years. We will have training on how to best work together. It will also be an opportunity for the NAD Board to learn how the staff members do their work and for the staff to learn how the NAD Board functions. From there, we will understand how to work together to achieve our mission. As we work on addressing the five priorities, we will determine our plan and figure out how to support the committees and our community through that process. We look forward to our retreat this fall! I’ll be sure to share updates next month. See you soon!