How YOU Can Celebrate International Week of the Deaf People

International Week of the Deaf is coming up soon! September 19th to 25th ~ we’ve shared some ways that you can celebrate! ✨ [Sparkle emoji]

[TRANSCRIPT & DESC: Montage of different NAD team members signing and acting briefly. First, Zainab is dancing.

ON-SCREEN TEXT: How YOU can celebrate International Week of the Deaf People, September 19 to 25.

SEAN: Take Deaf Culture courses, go to Deaf-related events, volunteer at a Deaf school. 

Sean is outside, waves hi to someone and walks out of frame.

TEXT: Learn about Deaf Culture.

LIZZIE: Buy products, things, or services from deaf owned companies! 

L-R pan above several deaf products laid out, shirts and artwork.

TEXT: Support Deaf Businesses.

SARAH: Consider volunteering or donating to deaf organizations. 

Sarah is sitting at a table asking people for their names and highlighting them on paper, one by one.

TEXT: Support Deaf Organizations.

JIMEL: Caption your posts, include transcripts, have sign translation for any English text, and more! 

Jimel is captioning a video on the computer.

TEXT: Create accessible content.

CHANEL: Learn sign – yes, that! 

TEXT: Learn Sign Language from Deaf Teachers.

Someone is holding a phone and scrolling through different sign language content on YouTube.

MARLENE: Follow, share, and engage with Deaf influencers who are making a difference! 

TEXT: Support Deaf Influencers.

Marlene is scrolling through her phone and tapping the screen to like/follow.

HOWARD: How will you celebrate?! 

TEXT: How will YOU celebrate?! Comment below!]