It’s Hispanic & Latinx/o/a Heritage Month!

September 15th to October 15th is Hispanic and Latinx/o/a Heritage Month! NAD Board members, Dino and Milmaglyn, invite you to celebrate our diverse communities and heritage! ✨ [Sparkle Emoji] Join us!

[Video desc and transcript: Dino and Milmaglyn are standing separately in the front of the camera.

MILMAGLYN: Today is the first day of Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month!

DINO: Including Hispanic, Latino, Latina, and Latinx!

MILMAGLYN: It’s to recognize and celebrate our diverse communities!

DINO: For example, I’m Mexican.

MILMAGLYN: And I’m Puerto Rican. And we’re not the only ones – we have afro-latin(o,a,x)s and biracial Latin(o,a,x). We’re tall, short, big, thin. We have curly hair, straight hair, brown and blond hair.

DINO: First fact that comes to mind is that Mexican food tends to be spicy.

MILMAGLYN: Puerto Rican food doesn’t tend to be spicy.

DINO: And rice, beans and tortillas are everywhere, even during major holiday meals!

MILMAGLYN: Our food is mostly fried with carbs.

DINO: I can go on and on, a long list of what we really love about our heritage!

MILMAGLYN: We don’t just celebrate for one month! We celebrate everyday.

DINO & MILMAGLYN: Let’s celebrate! (dances)

DINO: Gracias (thank you)!]