Join among thousands and become part of the National Association of the Deaf (NAD), the nation’s premier and oldest civil rights organization of, by and for deaf and hard of hearing individuals in the United States of America.  As a federation of affiliated organizations and individual members, the NAD welcomes everyone who supports its mission and objectives.  Your membership makes it possible for the NAD to protect the collective interests of the deaf and hard of community through advocacy efforts across the board.  You can find benefits to being an individual member or organizational affiliate below.

Individual MembershipsOrganizational Memberships
>> Regular, $40 per year

>> Senior (ages 60+), $25 per year

>> Youth (ages 18-30), $25 per year

>> International, $60 per year
1. State Association Affiliates, $200/yr

2. Non-Profit Affiliates:
>> National (10 states or more), $300 per year
>> State (1-9 states), $200 per year
>> Local, $200 per year

3. Government Affiliates:
>> Federal, $300 per year
>> State, $200 per year
>> Local, $200 per year

4. For-Profit Affiliates:
>> National (10 states or more), $2,000 per year
>> State (1-9 states), $1,000 per year


Individual Members wishing to join sections can choose as many as they wish, while they join or renew. Sections are a way for NAD members who share common interests to work together on issues that matter to them, and assist the NAD in addressing those issues. Joining a NAD Section is easy! Any NAD member can pay an additional $5 to join one Section and it is possible to join as many Sections as you want. Each Section elects its own chairperson who will lead the Section in discussions, activities, goals, and direction. The Chairperson of each Section or a designee is eligible to attend the NAD Conference as a delegate representing the positions of the Section members. The Section’s delegate may attend the Conference with the support of the Section’s funds. Each Section is able to manage its own funds raised from the $5 dues paid by each Section member, as long as it is in support of the NAD mission and subject to oversight by the NAD pursuant to its obligations as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. Any group interested in creating a new section should contact the NAD.

  • BIPOC Section
  • DeafBlind Section
  • Deaf Culture and History Section
  • Education Section
  • Interpreter Section
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Section
  • Senior Citizen Section
  • Youth Section

With your membership involvement and support, the NAD can continue its advocacy efforts on behalf of deaf and hard of hearing Americans.  Your support will help the NAD to:

  • Preserve and expand deaf awareness, deaf culture, and deaf heritage efforts.
  • Advocate for (protect) the civil rights of deaf and hard of hearing Americans, including legal, employment, and educational rights.
  • Develop future deaf and hard of hearing leaders through youth programs and services.
  • Promote increased communication access, including technological, visual media, and telecommunications accessibility.
  • Network with organizational affiliates through regional and state programs, conferences, and other joint endeavors.
  • Strengthen its representation base and influence with regard to public policy, legislative, and advocacy issues.
  • Handle public information and referrals; effectively respond to inquiries and requests for information.
  • Support overall programs and services, including NAD sections, committees, and task forces.
  • Invest in opportunities for future growth and expansion.
  • And much more!

Benefits to being an individual member or organizational affiliate include but is not limited to:

  • Representation at the federal and national level on legislative and government issues;
  • Representation for international human rights (World Federation of the Deaf) to continue to fight for the advancement of international human rights;
  • Youth leadership programs and initiatives;
  • Monthly eBlast emails and other timely announcements;
  • Resourceful website on issues and resources for anyone looking for information related to the deaf and hard of hearing community;
  • Invitations to annual leadership and biennial national conferences, with opportunities to earn continuing education units (CEUs);
  • Opportunities to interact with members at events and online via social media;
  • Invitation to join various committees, task forces, and strategic teams to help shape the NAD agenda;
  • Subscription to the NADmag publication, mailed to you two times a year;
  • Opportunity to join special interest membership sections;
  • For individuals: the opportunity to submit resolutions,┬ápriority┬áproposals, and bylaws amendments prior to the biennial national conferences (including discussion privileges on motions brought to the conference General Forum).
  • For non-profit membership-based affiliates: the ability to send delegates representing your organization who would have voting privileges at the Council of Representatives, for motions, resolutions,┬ápriorities, bylaws amendments, and electing the board of directors positions that are open.
  • For individuals: your own NAD Membership card.