Communication Strategies

Day: Tuesday

Time: 7:30pm - 9pm EDT

Presenter(s): Justin Cha, Marlene Valle, Brianna Keogh


Not everyone receives information the same way -- in fact, different options are best! The key is identifying which information should be kept internal and which can be shared publicly. Once you share with the public, are you using all possible platforms to reach your community? One Facebook post isn't enough because not everyone uses Facebook, so what should you do? How do you ensure your community is getting the information you're sharing? This workshop will cover strategies and different platforms to consider when you need to communicate with your members.

Presenter(s) Information

Justin Cha


Justin is a first generation Korean-American who was born Deaf and grew up oral. He graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice in 2016 at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and his Master of Public Administration in 2019 at George Mason University. Currently, he works as Management Program Analyst with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Justin’s Deaf journey started in 2012 at RIT with no exposure to ASL, Deaf culture, and the Deaf community. He began involvement with Asian Deaf Club (ADC) as President and Student Advisor in the following years. While he continued his rapport for ADC and the Asian Deaf community, Justin enjoyed being involved with various communities such as being Residence Advisor, DHH Greek Graduate Assistant, and as community advocate with NTID’s Student Life Team.

Brianna Keogh

Brianna Keogh

Brianna C. Keogh, alumna of Gallaudet University '19, is a deaf woman passionate about providing access, supporting the deaf ecosystem, telling stories, and building connections. Currently she works as the lead transcriber/captioner of DPAN.TV and the Executive Coordinator of Mozzeria, both deaf-owned and deaf-operated businesses. In addition to doing what she loves, she does freelance work and various projects, and enjoys going on long walks and exploring, blogging at, reading books, spending time with animals, and cherishing the magic of human connection, storytelling, and community. She has always loved reading and telling stories in both ASL and English from a young age, as well as the notion of lifelong learning, and strongly believes in each person and perspective’s ability to make an impact on the world.

Marlene Valle

Marlene Valle

Marlene graduated in Marriage and Family Therapy at California State University of Northridge (CSUN). She has a passion for mental health, as well as for traveling, wildlife & nature, and human rights. Marlene believes in the power of storytelling for social impacts and creating a connection between humans around the world. She founded Mira We Rise, a digital platform where Latine/x Deaf communities and their loved ones share their stories. Marlene is also a content creator who shares her travel experiences and who she meets in the global Deaf communities around the world. She loves relaxing in a hammock, reading books, and learning many new things, such as other languages.