Real Talk, Good Action: Intersecting LGBTQIA2S+ Identities and Anti-Racism Work

Come and join us to learn about journey of each LGBTQIA2S+ panelist on how to navigate the system and challenges. Each panelist will share their challenges and struggles – how their LGBTQIA2S+ identity intersects with anti-racism work. We will also educate what respect to the LGBTQIA2S+ community looks like. 

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June 16, 7-9p ET

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Tommy is looking at the camera.Tommy is proud Gay man who works as Civil Rights Advocate in the Deaf Services Program under Disability Rights Maine. Prior to that he was the Outreach Coordinator at a New England Homes for the Deaf and he spent 12 years working in the mental health field. Tommy grew up in New Hampshire and attended Gallaudet University and the Rochester Institute of Technology. Tommy is a proud uncle to an amazing niece and nephew. He is chair for LGBT+ Section under National Association of the Deaf, is a co-president/parliamentarian for the Maine Association of the Deaf and serves as Vice Chair for Maine Educational Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing/Governor Baxter School for the Deaf. In high school, Tommy attended a youth leadership training camp where he discovered that he wanted to advocate and promote social welfare for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deaf Blind. In his free time, he enjoys going camping, traveling and going on spontaneous trips.
Jerald is smiling.Jerald has a Bachelor’s of Social Work in Behavioral Health and a Master’s in Education. He also studied 30 years of Theater in Dance, Acting, and other acting highlights Performing Arts. He continues his professional development through social media, commercials, organizations, and the stage and entertainment business. Jerald’s career has the best of both worlds in Behavioral Health and Theater. He is currently working on deaf representation in education and theater. His career revolves around helping people, teaching artists, and ASL. He is a member of the Deaf, BIPOC, and LGBTQ communities and organizations. Advocacy is a big part of his day-to-day bridging of mental health and expression through performing arts using Social-Emotional Learning practice. Fun facts about Jerald: He loves to travel within the US and Overseas. He takes great pride in being independent and strong. He loves to laugh, have fun, and easily connects with people. He loves to explore nature by hiking and biking. He Loves his fur babies, Jack and Theo; he makes sure they always have the best of everything!
Josie is looking at the camera.Josie is a Deaf transgender woman who is 11 years into her transition. She is a California native. Josie attended California School for the Deaf Fremont and graduated in 1983. She has a 14 years old Pomeranian with one eye and three sugar gliders. Josie has lived in give different states and currently lives in Washington. She is a bookworm and she likes sci-fi and horror stories.
Miki is looking at the camera. Miki identifies as a Black Deaf Queer. Miki is an ASL teacher, a language mentor, and a freelance ASL coach. Miki is into culture and language! Without culture and language, we will not be able to lead the world together. Miki knows a few Spanish and Native American languages, but is strongly influenced by black ASL, ASL, and English from Miki’s deaf family. Miki will finish their BA in Deaf Studies from Gallaudet University on Friday, June 17th. Miki enjoys traveling, learning new things, painting, and enjoying adventures.
Ivy is smiling.Ivy is a grassroot Latina Deaf Lesbian Community Advocate and was born the oldest daughter of Deaf Parents who are both from Puerto Rico and works as a Statewide Coordinator for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Supports at the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) serving individual with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services and Master of Science degree in Organizational, Management and Leadership. She has worked in human services for over 35 years and developed specialized consultations, staff training and program/process evaluations focusing on intercultural competences and on issues related to valuing diversity within culturally, racially, and linguistically diverse school settings, workplaces, and organizations locally, statewide, and nationwide. She also conducted and chaired effective cultural sensitivity workshops, numerous presentations, seminars, and panels addressing issues affecting Deaf and Hard of Hearing consumers.

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