Eligibility Requirements

For application considerations, the following eligibility requirements must be met in order to proceed with the application process:

  1. U.S. Citizenship—you must be a legal citizen and resident of the United States. You must submit two (2) of the following documents:
    1. A copy of your current U.S. passport;
    2. A copy of your current U.S. driver’s license; or
    3. A copy of your birth certificate
  1. Age – you must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to thirty (30) by the due date of the application. Anyone who is younger than 18 or over 30 after the due date of the application will not be considered in this competition.
  1. Academic Status – you must be a high school graduate or have a GED certificate by the time of the Youth Ambassador Program competition.
  1. Deaf or hard of hearing status—you must be deaf or hard-of-hearing to be considered in this competition. You must submit an audiogram signed by a certified health professional, showing evidence that you are deaf or hard of hearing in both ears prior to the Youth Ambassador Program competition.
  1. Communication skills—the preferred method of communication is American Sign Language (ASL).
  1. Physical and mental health—you must be in good physical and mental health. With the fast-paced nature of this competition, you will have to be prepared to deal with various physical and mental activities. Additionally, to participate at the NAD Retreat and Competition, you must have current health insurance.
  1. Representation—you must not represent another organization during the competition except to represent sponsors supporting you for this competition. If you are chosen to be one of the two NAD Youth Ambassadors, you must represent NAD only and also may not endorse any products or company during this two-year representation.
  1. Background check—you must never have been convicted of any felony crime or any other criminal conduct that demonstrates moral turpitude. The NAD will conduct background checks to investigate.
  1. Availability—you must be available to travel to the location of Biennial NAD Conference for two weeks – first, for the retreat a week prior the conference and second, for the conference itself. Usually it is during the end of June and beginning of July.
  1. Expenses—you must be able to identify your sponsor or financial support by Round Two. All travel and accommodation expenses for the competition will be the sole responsibility of the contestant. Without any sponsorship or financial support by Round Two, this application will not be considered.
  1. Membership—you are required to be a NAD member by Round Two.
  1. Contestant Agreement Packet—you must complete and sign all the agreement forms and waivers by Round One. Without the signed agreement forms, this application will not be considered.
  1. Visibility – Innovation – Sustainability—you must be eager, passionate, and proactive about addressing a social issue in the deaf and hard-of-hearing community in United States. Be original. Be creative. Be unique.
  • VISIBILITY—What have you noticed in our community that needs to be addressed? What kind of issues do you see? What kind of new ideas can you bring to our community to make a change?
  • INNOVATION—Bring your new ideas of addressing the issues you see and present it to the community. Bring a creative way to address those issues.
  • SUSTAINABILITY—Your idea will not just be presented, but you will make it happen! How can you make it happen and make it last? How can your idea ensure that there is stability?
  • Completed Application—your application will be considered if you submit the following:

Round One

  • Completed Application
  • Eligibility Form
  • Media and Video Release Form
  • YAP Entry Form
  • U.S. Citizenship
  • Audiogram
  • Copy of Health Insurance card
  • Sponsorship Verification
  • NAD Membership