Daily Drum #6

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What is YLC?

Written by Jadiza Ingram and Janeva Mosher

Youth Leadership Camp is one month long camp in Oregon for the deaf and hard of hearing who are very motivated to become better leaders for our communities. Youth Leadership Camp is founded by Frank Turk in 1969. Ever since then, YLC has thrived on the basis of SLC: Scholarship, Leadership, Citizenship respectively.

There are leaders coming into YLC from all over the world. We came here to develop our experience by bonding with new people and new backgrounds. We learn how to be advocates for our future. It is very beneficial as for our identities, development, social skills, and leadership skills.


Advice of the Week: Be sure to stay hydrated during heat wave!

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Camp Council

Written by Theodore Conley and Janeva Mosher

YLC is full of exciting opportunities, camp council is one of them. Camp council provides a taste of parliamentary process and how to use them properly. Leaders will learn how to propose a montion and pass amendments to make YLC a better place to be. Leaders have a choice to run for camp council president, vice president, and secretary. Leaders nominated each other for the office, two prevailed with Jared Herman becoming the president and Rajena Guettler being the vice president. Team D is proud to have Rajena on our team and we would like to congratulate her on being camp council vide president! We also voted on a new secretary, Ryan Stumbo. We are looking forward what will happen from now on with camp council!


Trivia Time!

You feed me water, I die.

You feed me air, I grow.

You feed me earth, I thrive.

What am I?

Answer: Fire

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Interview with Lissette Molina Wood

Interview by Theodore Conley and Janeva Mosher

Q: Where are you from?

A: Miami, Florida


Q: How long have you been as DWU’s president?

A: I spent my first two years as a conference chairperson, then I became the president since September 2017.


Q: How can you become a president?

A: In order to do that, you must become a member and do a four year term for DWU.


Q: Why did you become the president of DWU?

A: I had very convincing vision for DWU and DWU felt that I was the right person to provide that for DWU.


Q: How is the experience as a president?

The experience has been wonderful. We made some changes in social justice, outreach of DWU, and increased awareness about DWU through social media. There are still more things for us to do!


Q: What is your idea or vision for DWU?

A: To spread awareness about what deaf women are going through and to find more about the herstory of DWU. I want to find more young deaf women to look up to deaf women leaders and learn to be the next women leaders.


Q: Any advices for young deaf women?

A: I would tell them to don’t give up and find the right resources and tools in order to flourish.