Daily Drum


GRAPHIC DESC: A graphic design of trees (background), campfire and NAD YLC logo.

Our first Daily Drum issue is here! Our Daily Drum issues are developed, written, edited and designed by our YLC 2018 leaders.


The New Journey

On July 19, 2018, the annual NAD Youth Leadership Camp taking place at Camp Taloali in Stayton, Oregon began at the camp welcomed all sixty-two future Leaders. As they arrived., you could see the look on their faces as they realized they’re embarking on a month long journey technology-free with other eventual peers the same as them. The emotions were soaring high; some excited, some nervous, some homesick, but most importantly all ready. When the arrivals began, the Leaders met with their month long Builders and they all realized that the Builders were beyond excited to work with us. Not only that, the Leaders are familiar with each other as they’ve met each other at different sports competitions or school-related activities however, they don’t know each other very well giving this camp the opportunity to do so!

YLCer Leader of 2018, Jahren Joseph states that he was “impressed with the Leaders and Builders since they were very welcoming and conversational and felt welcomed at YLC”. He also felt that he “bonded with his team instantly and thinks of this team as very confident and built the connection with his teammates right away”. Jahren is excited to see what the month has ahead of him and he can’t wait to get to know his team more and have a gret month!

“I felt like I was back home again and was thrilled to meet all the new leaders. The nature here smells and looks amazing. The E team is also a powerful group here at YLC this year with strong personalities and I’m looking forward to see what the outcomes are as the Laeaders grow and learn from YLC”, states Amelia Milling, one of the YLC ‘18 Builders.

As the first day went by, the Leaders and Builders bonded with each other in hopes of making new friends and making wonderful and memorable memories that will be remembered forever!

Written by Jared Herman

Interviewed by Gabriella Rodriguez


Frank R. Turk

On Friday July 20, the leaders have gathered word of wisdoms from Frank R. TUrk presentation. His presentation talked about leadership tips such as having deaf role models. Another thing he explained was leaders, we work together instead of thinking for ourselves. From that presentation, the leaders think Frank R. Turk is very inspiring. In general, the lead4rs think that they should have deaf role models, not hearing role models. They understand how we feel and the struggles we went through in our life.

Written by Precious Schwartz