What Employers Should Know

Are you an employer who has questions or concerns about hiring a deaf or hard of hearing? Here are a few employers who share their experiences that may answer your questions.

As long as they are qualified to do the job in front of them, deaf and hard of hearing people are capable of doing jobs just like their peers. They just need to be afforded the opportunity and accommodations.

Statistics and Research  

Statistics and research are important in showing a real picture of current employment outlook of deaf and hard of hearing. Interested researchers are encouraged to review several key statistics and research on employment.

If you would like to add your publications, researches, data findings, or websites on this webpage, please let us know.

Employment Laws and Regulations

Types of Accommodations

Sometimes the listed above listed accommodations may not be appropriate for a quick one on one conversation. Here are a few methods to be explored. Keep in mind they are “simple fixes” which means it may be appropriate for quick one on one conversations that function without an interpreter when not available.

Examples include:

  • Writing on paper and pen
  • Texting
  • Emails
  • Speech to text apps

COVID-19 Pandemic Resources

  • Remote Employment (coming soon)
  • In-Person Employment (coming soon)