Senior Citizen Section

The Senior Citizen Section was established by the elderly NAD members who wanted to deal the issues concerning the elderly issues such as housing, medical, social security, legal and other communication barriers. Our committee members are active in improving the lives of deaf, hard of hearing, and DeafBlind seniors. For just $5.00, any NAD member can join!

To view a list of resources for Senior Citizens, please go here.

In August 2013, the Senior Citizen Section donated $10,000 to the NAD to fight against the Housing and Urban Department’s discrimination against deaf and hard of hearing senior citizens (of same disability) living in the federal-funded housing programs along with Deaf Seniors of America (DSA).

The Senior Citizen Section also donated $300 to purchase a bench in memory of Gertude Galloway, the first woman to become President of the NAD.

Please feel free to submit a name and background of any senior citizen you believe deserves to be honored at the next Biennial NAD Conference. The Senior Citizen Section committee welcomes any comments — feel free to reach out to [email protected].