Deaf Culture & History Section

A brief history: Friends of Library Deaf Action (FOLDA) Section of the National Association of the Deaf became official in 1986.  Later, it became Library Friends Section (LFS).  In 2012, the NAD Conference Delegates passed a motion to change it to Deaf Culture and History Section (DCHS) to include larger areas of culture in the deaf and hard of hearing community; and to work with many cultural, education, and library programs.

Deaf Culture and History Section of the National Association of the Deaf is a resource and education center providing deaf-related information regarding culture, history, and the arts. We work diligently to preserve Deaf Culture and History by ensuring deaf school museums, deaf-related museums, deaf organizations, and individual members of DCHS have the support they need, as well as developing and maintaining educational materials available to the public. 

This website and social media accounts include information about our sub-committees; deaf professionals and scholars and their work; regular updates and content from current deaf school museums; and highlight topics of interest in Deaf Culture and History.*  Become a member today to have access to many more online features! 

“Preserve, Provide, Promote” 

Our mission is to provide accurate research-based information, support deaf-related museums, ensure the preservation of the Deaf History and Culture, and develop educational materials. 

Our vision is to maintain organizational sustainability. 

Our values

  • Accessibility: develop sustainable practices to benefit members and the public
  • Diversity and Inclusion: understand human differences and empower members and the public with our resources 
  • Transparency: consistently provide appropriate, updated data and monitor organizational activities

The DCHS Board would like to improve the organization’s standing with the public. We would like DCHS and its members to be perceived as leaders in the field, ensure support to others who need further information regarding Deaf History and Culture. We aim to be the central hub of information and activities to preserve, provide and promote all aspects of Deaf History and Culture. The DCHS Board is available to advise and provide a network for section members with Deaf Scholars, Professionals, and Organizations. 

Current Section Goals: 

  • Gain recognition as a sustainable organization in deaf culture and history
  • Increase organizational visibility by conducting outreach, marketing, and recruiting new members
  • Attend conferences and present preservation values of deaf culture and history

Future Section Opportunities:  

  • Network of Deaf Scholars and Professionals 
  • Deaf Culture and History Curricula templates for schools and museums
  • Provide grants and scholarships resources

Deaf Culture and History Section Board Members

DCHS is always seeking new and energetic members who believe in the same motto: Preserve, Provide, Promote! When you join or renew your membership with the NAD, you can also join DCHS for only $5 more! We look forward to having you! 

*Information will be regularly updated. We are currently under construction.