Hearing Aid Assistance Tax Credit Act

The Hearing Aid Assistance Tax Credit Act (H.R. 1646/S.1019), introduced by Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy (NY) and Senator Tom Harkin (IA), if passed, would offer a tax credit of up to $500 to cover costs for the purchase of a hearing aid that is not covered by insurance.  This tax credit could be claimed once every five years.

Parents of a deaf or hard of hearing dependent child and individuals over age 55 would be eligible for the tax credit.  Individuals whose income exceeds $200,000 would not be eligible.

The NAD supports this bill.

The hearing aid tax credit would help many deaf and hard of hearing individuals who want to obtain and who can benefit from hearing aids.  The NAD urges consumers, parents, educators and hearing health professionals to contact their U.S. congressional Senators and Representative asking them support this legislation.

To view the bill go to http://thomas.loc.gov/ and enter H.R. 1646 in the search function.