Captioning Deadlines

TV Closed Captioning

1/1/06            100% “new” English language programming
1/1/08            75% “pre-rule” English language programming
1/1/10            100% “new” Spanish language programming
1/1/12            75% “pre-rule” Spanish language programming

TV Captioning/Quality Order (released 2/24/14)

4/30/14            Electronic filing, equipment monitoring
6/30/14            Enhanced ENT
3/16/15            Quality standards (synch, plcmt, accuracy, completeness)
ENT complaint procedures
6/30/15            ENT progress report

IP Closed Captioning
First time on Internet, already shown on TV, full-length:

9/30/12            Prerecorded video programming not edited for the Internet
3/30/13            Live and near-live video programming
9/30/13            Prerecorded video programming substantially edited

Archived Internet Video Programming

3/30/14            Within 45 days after date shown captioned on TV
3/30/15            Within 30 days after date shown captioned on TV
3/30/16            Within 15 days after date shown captioned on TV

IP Video Clips of programming already shown on TV

1/1/16            Straight lift clips
1/1/17            Montages
7/1/17            Clips of programming shown live/near-live

User Interface requirements 12/20/16, or 12/20/18 (If less than 400K subscribers)